Corporate Culture Crush: Whole Foods

By on August 18, 2013


Human Resources Chick is feelin’ Wholeheartedness (shout out to Brene Brown) when it comes to her new corporate culture crush, Whole Foods.  With their established Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet motto, this Chick has no “Whole” feet about falling in looove with Whole Foods.  Got a different opinion about the company?  How about emailing the CEO, Walter Robb, and getting a response to your personal email account in 2 hours.  That’s what one team member did and that’s why this company is such a great place to work.

Company Stats:  Beginning in 1980 after a little bit of a learning experience, Whole Foods opened  its doors and they were ready for expansion by 1984.  Acquiring a few other companies and growing stores across the nation, Whole Foods currently has 5,000+ employees to date and is hiring.  Whole Foods is headquartered in Austin, TX.

Crush Worthy Status:  Working here gets you a 20% discount; flexible working hours; PTO from Day 1;  pay above industry standards with team bonuses; Gainsharing (similar to profit sharing, but Gainsharing rewards those factors that team members have control over, like productivity or customer service); lots of opportunity for internal transfers and relocation; a team member emergency fund where you can donate PTO or a portion of your paycheck to help team members in need; transparency through frequent, open and compassionate communication; and you may have some fun at work!  How’s that for a Whole lotta benefits?

Drooling Over:  No bosses in the Whole company, as Whole Foods embraces Teams, Team Leaders, and Leadership.  No “Whole-ier-Than-Thou” HR edict on health benefits as Team Members vote on their benefits packages every 3 years.  And no one type of person works here, as there’s a Whole lot of diversity.  Whole Foods has a Glassdoor rating of 3.5, coupled with a Whole bunch of bragging rights by being on Fortune’s Best Company to Work For list for 15 years.  Currently, Whole Foods is listed as #71 down from #32 in 2012.

Polishing them up for the Parents: Trolling through about 700 Glassdoor reviews, the company has the typical management complaints.  Interestingly, when employees complain about Team Leaders, they refer to them as “Managers.”  This indicates there maybe some opportunity for Whole Foods to add more Leadership training.  Another frequent complaint from employees is negative customer interactions.  A quick tip for Whole Foods could be to modify the value ,”We Satisfy, Delight, and Nourish our Customer” to “Satisfied, Delighted, and Nourished Customers.”  Why?  This applies the Law of Attraction, drawing in a more engaged and satisfied customer base.

Crush Status:   HR Chick is changing her Whole Facebook page to pics of her smooching Whole Foods, as we are getting engaged!

Got a Whole Foods opinion?  Holla!


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